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About us

Fused Seven, privately owned and fully independent work with global brands to deliver excellence in Performance Marketing, Search to be specific.

Now 10 years since our inception the future of Fused Seven, is expanding our focus to a fully rounded Performance, Creative & Awareness offering we call The Seven Dials.

We pride ourselves in long term client retention and operate largely on a referral only basis for new business. We choose to only work with clients we can collaborate with, to co-create and inspire their business strategies, designed for growth.

Over the last 10 years, 100% of our business has come via referrals and our average retained client engagement lasts 4 years.

Why choose us?

We view our clients’ relationships with their customers as if it were our own.

We stand with clients to Fight the Good Fight, shoulder to shoulder, your threats are our threats, your successes are our successes.

We fight together to Create Memories for the People that Matter.

Digital success isn’t determined by the size of your budget. By being smarter with decision making you can supersede your competitors with less.

The Benefits of partnering with Fused Seven:

Our Values

Our ethos from the beginning has always been founded in transparency and trust. Our teams take ownership of their clients work, taking responsibility for challenges which arise and delivering effective solutions to overcome them. This paired with a strong tonic of ambition to then push the clients further than they thought possible.

Today’s world has changed dramatically, and the marketing world is no exception. New technology, digital innovation & cultural trends are exploding at a faster rate than ever before. The consumers of now, Gen Z and millennials see the world (and the Brands they identify with) differently. It is our responsibility as marketers to speak to those consumers in a way which resonates with their outlook and demonstrate that those values are authentic.

Business must be genuine and aligned with the things that matter. Diversity and inclusion, Climate Action and ….

At Fused Seven we expect our teams to not only hold true to our founding values, but also embody our vision for the future.

We Take Action, not just for clients but in our personal and professional life. Passive bystanders we are not.

Marketing, whether via Google Search or Awareness activity, MUST be rooted in Creative Innovation. This core principle for our future growth is fundamental to every decision we make as a business. Does the work we’re doing create a new approach for our clients and our business? By doing this we continue to improve, even through small marginal gains but on a frequent basis.

We care deeply about our client’s success and take ownership and responsibility for them. In-order to build on our ambition for success and growth its paramount that we ask how we can differentiate what’s gone before. What do we do that sets us apart from our competitors, our clients competitors and how do we demonstrate this in our digital strategy and execution.

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