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Seven Dials

Our heritage lies in Performance Marketing, but now in 2022, we are expanding our focus to a fully rounded Performance, Creative & Awareness offering we call The Seven Dials.

Digital services often cross over into multiple disciplines and therefore agency service provision should not only allow for agile but also cross skillset expertise. This enables us to provide economies of scale for our clients contributing to overall efficiency and success.

Awareness Performace Creative


Creative – the glue between Perfromance and Awareness activity. Creative ideation, assets, content creation, influencer / creator partnerships Content strategies all play a combined role in driving a businesses success.


Choosing the right social strategy is key. The range of options, choices and creative diversity within social can be a daunting proposition.

Whilst we aren’t an Organic Social Strategy or Social Media Management (SMM) agency, much of the work we deliver is based on Social Commerce & Paid Social Performance. This cross polinates areas of SMM and Social Content.

Content creation for social shouldn’t be just for vanity’s sake. Engagement and reach are great for Brand Comms & exposure, but without utilising those learnings for perfromance marketing the commercial impact of that content isnt able to be credited or appraised and therefore could be under performing.

Maximise your social content for Brand AND Commercial gain today!


Influencer marketing can mean different things dependent on the sector your business is in

There are positive and negative connotations which are attached to the term, which raises the question should you be doing Influencer marketing and if so, how? Where does it fit within your media plan? What’s the best approach?

Fusedseven’s approach to influencer marketing or just “Influence” is different. We work with carefully selected partners which are an authority in your sector who can prove their earned audience is worth your business. Whether driving defined actions such as comments, sign ups or sales. Investing in influencer partnerships should be just that – partnerships, which add value to your business.

Fusedseven’s influence approach offers different types of activity across Brand and Performance – which enables a business to maximise scale economies when running multiple channels with us.


Content and its many guises across digital channels and platforms is as much an art / creative format as it is a data satisfying format. Content and its impact on key marketing metrics can make or break digital activity.

Whether your content strategy for organic social needs better alignment with paid social or your content strategy for SEO is proving ineffective at ranking in the SERPS & driving traffic that converts.

Is your Branded, Influencer and Social Content creating enough of a buzz across marketing channels to effect tangible business growth?

There is never one solution to achieve all of these things, a rounded content strategy needs to be created, evolved and most importantly measured for effectiveness in growing or assisting sales and revenue.